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Calendar of Events 2016-2017

Works' of Elohim Int'l Inc Mailing Address:
445 E Bowen Ave Chicago, IL 60653-27113

Regular Schedule 2018+2020
Saturday 9am - Sabbath Worship Celebration!
Sunday 1pm - Worship Celebration!
Tues 6pm - Bible Encounter!
Fri 6pm  Open to Yeshua's/God's Leading!
Currently Meeting: 445 E Bowen Ave 
Chicago IL 60653 Garden Level
Services can change without notice call first 773-450-2289

Looking for a Place to STAY while in the city?
Donations Accepted.
The Omega Mansion - Call for Reservations 312.207.5125

Take off Your Mummy Wrap
(Chicago, IL) See below

Take off your Mummy Wrap Miracle Services 2018-2020
Biblical-Sound Teaching 
Take off your Mummy Wrap Restoration Gathering!!!
Conducted by Pastor Elect Lady Bobbie Jones Grayer

I have made up my mind that I will not lie and die, But I will look and live! It's God's Amazing Grace for every Race!

Keep checking this page for the latest in Kingdom Business and YOU can become a part of these HIS-TORY MAKING EVENTS! Connect with Kingdom Assignments here... 312-207-5125

Elect Lady Grayer is an Entrepreneur and Author of Books: "Don't Shoot - I'm Already Wounded," "Morning Glory," - Book of Poems, "A Mother's Love" - Keep Sake Journal, and "Come and Dine" - A soulful Cook Book, and others to come. Elect Lady is the Editor of the "Highlights Noteworthy News Letters," (A Free Publication). If you'd like to order any of these publications visit our store @

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GATHERING 2018-2020
Tsunami of Praise and Worship Global Gathering 2019

Special Note: If you anticipate registering/sharing in this Gathering with your instrument or voice we strongly Suggest rehearsal for any of our services - call for dates and times below. Contact us for full details @ 312-207-5125

The Omega Mansion Bed and Breakfast (OMBB) is set-aside for short term temporary accommodations only 3-5 Days.  We desire to be a blessing to many and give the opportunity for others to experience YAHWEH'S awesome hospitality. During Conference Time the OMBB is not available due to the scheduling of our Ministers, Speakers and Etc.

More info:

Parade of Nations with Banners' Agenda
Heaven's Dew In YAH's Glory Worship and Teaching Each Day
Friday April 5, 7:30pm - Throne-Room Worship
Sat Apr 6th, 10am - 3pm "Break for Lunch/Vendor's Time 1:30-3pm

Sunday April 17- 10am Heaven's Dew in YAH's Glory
Immediately following . All you Can Heaven's Due Spread
Register @

Things will change pending the Move of the Holy Spirit - Check back often

Note: Watch us on Cable TV - Channels 19-21-27-36-42. Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV)Gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television. Click here. There is more . . .

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